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At R W Atkinson & Son Ltd we have a wide selection of memorials that are specifically designed for cremation plots.

Cremation memorials are a lot smaller than burial memorials. Even so, we can produce a perfect, well balanced inscription or design whatever the size of the memorial. Almost any type of design can be added to our cremation memorials. They can be gilded, coloured or highlighted for you to compliment the material selected

Crenation Memorials range in size and start with a simple 12" x 12" x 2" engraved stone plaque to Desks, Plaques and Vases of different sizes. We would check the sizes allowed for you and offer advice."

Books, Desks & Plaques

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Memorial Urns & Vases

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Books & Scrolls

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Our Promise To You

Every aspect of the memorial for your loved ones, including the choice of material for the stone, types of lettering and filling out all the legal paperwork will be taken care of in a courteous and professional manner.

We are also available for headstone renovation & repair, replacement foundations, re-securing, re-erecting and additional inscriptions with all work carried out by fully qualified memorial masons in accordance with the B.R.A.M.M. code of working practice.

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