Memorial Renovation Services Available In Malton, Scarborough & York

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Over a length of time all memorials will need Renovation, Maintenance and Cleaning, due to weather conditions or any number of other factors.

Our highly trained and experienced team will advise and carry out any work with care giving each individual memorial their full attention.

We can provide regular cleaning & maintenance or bring an existing memorial back to its former glory

We are members of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) so all our work is carried out to the highest standard.

Wonky Headstones
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Tilted Headstones

Memorial Renovations Memorial Renovations

If your family memorial is showing signs of wear and tear, our renovation service will ensure that all types of memorials – old, damaged, leaning or weathered – can be repaired or restored for generations to come.

This will usually require us to remove your memorial from its site to work on it in the workshop.

If this is not possible for any reason, we will work on the renovation on site.

If your headstone is removed from the grave and brought into our workshop, we are required to refix it to BRAMM standards when we return it to the grave

Whether the headstone of your loved one needs another inscription, repairing or cleaning, we can provide a truly personal service in restoring the memorial back to its best.

When you enquire about any of these services, we will carry out a full inspection of the memorial and make suggestions, such as repainting the letters, cleaning the memorial or re-fixing and re-levelling etc.

You can then order parts of the recommendations or the full quote.

Our Promise To You

Every aspect of the memorial for your loved ones, including the choice of material for the stone, types of lettering and filling out all the legal paperwork will be taken care of in a courteous and professional manner.

We are also available for headstone renovation & repair, replacement foundations, re-securing, re-erecting and additional inscriptions with all work carried out by fully qualified memorial masons in accordance with the B.R.A.M.M. code of working practice.

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