Rules & Regulations For Churchyard & Cemetery Memorials


Legal Advice

We can advise you on all the legalities required in the type of memorial that is suitable for you and what laws need to be followed. Below is a brief overview of the rules and legalities that must be observed

Cemeteries & Churchyard Fees

Cemeteries & Churchyard Fees are not a standard price so we will not be able to tell you the fee which each cemetery or church charges. The fee will initially be funded by R W Atkinson & Son Ltd and we will ask for this to be refunded as and when we receive permission from the cemetery to fix your headstone.

Grave ownership

When a grave has been bought, a Deed of Grant is issued and the name of the registered grave owner is recorded in the statutory register as the person owning burial rights. The grave deed grants the owner the exclusive rights to a grave for 50 to 100 years. No ownership of land is granted and the land remains the property of the church or local council. The deed grants the owner the right to:

• Be buried in a designated grave if space is available (includes cremated remains)

• Authorise further burials in the grave where space is available (includes cremated remains)

• The grave deed is an important document and must be produced in the event of any future burial in the grave.

The owner must give permission for any burials in, or memorials placed on, the grave. If there is no living owner, you will need to prove that you are legally entitled to the grave, and the 'transfer of ownership' must be completed before a burial can go ahead.



The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons

Malton Memorials are full members of this association and we therefore follow strict guidelines as to how memorials are fixed (put in place in a cemetery). All our memorials (at cemeteries that require it) are fixed using a ground anchor system which is a stainless steel tube designed to add additional strength and stability to headstones in addition to the normal fixing systems used. The people we employ to fix the headstones also have to be tested and accredited by BRAMM to ensure their skills are to a certain standard.